Maharaja Indian Raisins Long 250 Grams
Maharaja Indian Raisins Long 250 Grams
Maharaja Indian Raisins Long 250 Grams
Maharaja Indian Raisins Long 250 Grams

Maharaja Indian Raisins Long 250 Grams

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Premium Indian Raisins (Long) by Nuts in a Jar Maharaja Collection.
250 Grams of Regal Opulence in Every Nitrogen-Flushed Package.
Unique Long Variety with a Sweet Burst of Flavor for a Luxurious Snacking Experience.
Handpicked and Quality Assured, Ensuring Royal Standards.

Experience the regal opulence of Nuts in a Jar Maharaja Indian Raisins (Long) – a symbol of exquisite indulgence. Handpicked for perfection, these unique long raisins redefine premium snacking. Each 250-gram package, nitrogen-flushed for freshness, offers a sweet burst of flavor. Immerse yourself in the regal taste and quality of these Indian raisins, handpicked and quality assured for an elevated culinary experience.

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Five Exquisite Advantages Of Maharaja Indian Raisins (Long):

  • Energize with a regal snack for instant uplift.
  • Embrace iron-infused blood circulation finesse.
  • Dance through digestion with the grace of high fiber.
  • Radiate skin opulence with antioxidant gems.
  • Craft bone wellness with calcium and potassium charm.
Opulence embodied with premium Indian Raisins (Long) by Nuts in a Jar.
250 grams of unique long luxury, nitrogen-flushed for freshness.
Relish a sweet burst of flavor for truly indulgent snacking.
Handpicked and quality assured, meeting the highest standards of royalty.
Immerse in the regal taste, texture, and quality of raisins.

Packaging Type:
Experience opulence with Premium Pet Jars, nitrogen-flushed for prolonged freshness.

Nutritional Value Per Serving(28 Grams)

Calories:-85 kcal
Total Fat:-0.2g
Saturated Fat:-0g
Trans Fat:-0g
Total Carbohydrate:-22g
Dietary Fiber:-1g

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